Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Kathryn Joy Blog. #NewAdventure

Hey Guys!

I have been absent here for awhile and I miss it. I miss this writing format. The no-pressure-environment ('cause ya'll are my friends). You.

But sometimes you have to separate from the old to embrace the NEW!

Long story short, I just launched The Kathryn Joy Blog at! Here I hope to share what God continues to teach me in a variety of areas. Initially, I was just going to pursue writing a blog, then I discovered website building, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest...

One thing definitely leads to another in this world, doesn't it?

I made it pretty easy. To stay in touch, you can connect with me just about anywhere as @thekathrynjoy. Twitter? Instagram? Gmail? GooglePlus+? Pinterest? Facebook? Blog?

(Sheesh. Just writing all those things makes me tired, and now I have to update all of them!)
Repost of my Calendar September 2013. It's still as convicting as ever. =)
I'd love to have you head on over to The Kathryn Joy Blog  and give me your input, advice, or comments. It feels kinda lonely over there when I know I have such a rich support of friends over here at Thanksgiving Valley Farm.

Some folks have asked if I'm going to keep this site running. Absolutely! I'll keep posting about our family's adventures here when I find the time. However, I do have a spot over at my new blog where I'll be updating on our family life as well. (Speaking of which, a new post about family life is due very soon...)
I know, we aren't all looking at the same camera...but at least we all have shoes on!
I hope you all are as excited as I am about 2015!

Let's stay connected, Eh? (Australian accents are amazing.)

The Kathryn Joy

P.S. I may be "The" Kathryn Joy on the web, but to you, dear friends, I'm Katie. The same sporadic, passionate, fault-filled, Saved-by-Grace, Katie you've always known. Love in Christ!