Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Think you're healthy? You're NOT!

How does a family go from eating whole wheat flour and doing Insanity to eating egg whites and doing Pilates?

I'm not certain, but two things I am sure of. #1: It happens fast. #2: It's happened to us.

Now, I have always been told I am an extremist, but where food's concerned, I consider myself pretty straight up. I like things whole--natural. You know, whole raw milk, whole wheat, raw honey, lots of fresh food, a high-protein diet.

In fact, I even went so far as to think we were a "healthy" family. My motto was "eat a lot, work out a lot." With a steady rejection of sodas, limited processed sugar, and our regular work-out regime I thought we were safe from the kaleidoscope of health crazes hitting North America. After all, what needed to change?

Turns out, no one is SAFE!!! (even way out in Dufur)

Kyla and Kelsey got their hands on a book that I think is awesome if you want to be a trim, healthy, Mama. However, the thing is, twelve of us in this family are NOT Mamas. That seems to make no difference, so here we are eating like we have 50lbs to lose and allergies to every good thing God created. They say you don't have to be a Mom to eat so you feel better and have more energy but...

Whole, raw cow milk? I know that is good....but for some reason Almonds seem to have something on Klarabelle's sweet cream.

Whole wheat? (I mean, it's NOT white, and none of us are glucose intolerant) Nope. We must grind our own oat and almond flour. (I never did like almonds, but now they are taking over my diet!)

Okay, so honey is a great alternative to processed sugar, with a TON of health benefits. I HAVE BOOKS THAT SAY SO!!! However, while I pull my hair out over their purism, Ky and Kels continue to Stevia, Xylitol, and otherwise sweeten their food. Shaking their heads at my "spiking insulin levels."

We eat only egg whites in our pancakes. And only egg yolks in our muffins. Am I going crazy here, or is that the equivalent to a whole egg if I eat one muffin and one pancake?

Of course, I cannot complain (here, I am simply stating the facts). When you hardly cook, you have very little weight to throw around. I am very thankful to have sisters who have not yet found a substitute for our home grown ground beef, or a cure for my vinegar craving. I am sure, given enough time, they will soon find all those hidden faults of what I once thought was "good" for me, but until then, I shall munch on bananas...oh wait, I forgot...according to a San Francisco health company's info-graphic, banana's are just as bad for you as a cookie or french fries.

On second thought, I'll have some french fries.

For all you likeminded, health enthused individuals, it goes without saying that I have done very little research on this subject. I merely look up the unique food products being brought into our home to see what the side effects are...aside from an empty wallet. Surely, if it has no carbs, no fats, no proteins, your blood stream has no reaction, and you don't even know you ate it, something has to be wrong!

I realize that my whole foods model is flawed and although I am still unable to see the benefit in eating my jam separate from my bread (apparently to avoid "fermentation in the gut"), I'll hand it to you guys. I love your passion. I love your dedication. And I appreciate the endless hours you spend in the kitchen to grind your own almond flour, make your own almond butter, strain your own almond milk, and create almond flavored, flourless, gluten free, dairy free, carb free, fiber dense, egg-white-only, stevia-sweetened, skinny-minny, Mama cookies. You deserve every benefit this lifestyle has to offer. Seriously.

For me...I will pat myself on the back that for once I'm NOT the extremist. And I'll eat my oatmeal-honey cookies with whole eggs.


Kathryn Joy

**P.S. Take this post with a pinch of salt (unless you've already had your 6g allotment for the day).