Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy 2014 From the Johnsons

Just another Sunday in Dufur.

Happy 2014, Dear, good friends,
It's that time of year, where we take out our pens.
And in effort, to share a bit of God's grace,
We've penned a fine poem, (rather long, in this case).

Livin' in Dufur has not been a bore,
We've been traveling so much we're barely there no more.
From CO to AZ and all in-between,
"Jump in the van! There're things to be seen!"
All of us Kiddos are still growin' strong,
Even Kordelia is comin' along.
She toddles, and teeters, tells us what to do,
Comin' June, she'll be turnin' two.
Bentley's up next, that little scamp,
At four-years-of age he light's our world like a lamp.
With smiles abundant and yackative mouth,
He cuddles and jabbers, and does school with Kels.
Kinsey's a wonder, at six years old,
She's confident, smart, and tremendously bold.
Helping, and playing, an inquisitive mind,
"Can I smother, Kordi in love? Would she mind?"
Who is the boy with the freckles and grin?
Playing the fiddle and feeding the hens?
Barrington, Barrington, Baylor's right hand,
At the ripe age of 7, he's becomin' a man.
Kloe's the artist, the rest of us try,
Nine in November, boy does time fly.
She delights us with twinkly eyes and sweet face,
Serving and loving with fairy-like grace.
Kimberly Paula, keeps us all on our toes,
Climbin' 100 foot trees (no joke)…goodness knows.
Slacklinin', rope swings, athletics galore,
Piano and schoolwork, busy with chores.
Who's the queen, slender and tall?
That'd be Karlaine, 12, knitter of all.
With schoolwork in hand, she organizes the day,
Everyone loves her creative way.
Who's the man? Runnin' the farm?
Chadwick Baylor, 14, buff arms.
Protecting us womenfolk, raising cattle,
Chopping wood, everything aeronautical.
Just like Daddy, Bay was born to fly,
With all his study, he'll soon be up in the sky.
Sixteen-year-old Kelsey, where to begin,
She's cooking and driving, and racking up wins.
A volleyball hitter and ping-pong fanatic,
She works hard, plays piano, and is superbly spasmodic.
Kyla is seventeen going on twenty,
Baristain' it up and is bringin' home money.
Cello's fantastic, so was being a setter,
Takin' third at State has never been better.
Katie's 19, still pluggin' away,
Lookin' forward with joy to graduation day.
Writing papers and music, an idea machine,
Teaching Math, English, and Fiddle and lots in-between.
As for our parents, well, they're doin' fine,
Goin' to Hawaii, then Arizona for some special time.
Daddy is flying, and bringin' home dough,
Learning to relax and slow down. You know?
Filling each of our love tanks is never easy,
But we think he's first rate (at the risk of sounding cheesy).
Mother's still vibrant and full of life,
Loving her children, being a supportive wife.
Taking cooking classes to improve her already amazing skills,
She still loves singing, and spending time with her girls. (and boys)
All in all, 2013 has been grand,
Best wishes to each of you, Woman and Man.
May this year be filled with blessing and fun,
Praise be to Jesus, GREAT things He hath done!

The Chad Johnson Family

Kathryn (19)  &  Kyla (17)
Kelsey (16)

Chadwick Baylor (14)
Kimberly (11) Karaline (12) Kloe (9)

Christian Barrington (7) Kinsey (5)

Conrad Bentley (3)
Kordelia (Kordi) 18 months

Chad and Jenise (ages N/A)

**Copyright. All rights reserved by "Kathryn & Kyla Creative Genius Inc." 2014.