Thursday, June 6, 2013

Change of Plans

When I was about six years old, I looked through Daddy's filing cabinet (I'm not sure why I was in there, but judging by my age, I wasn't supposed to be). I remember very little from my search, but one piece of paper I found will remain etched in my mind forever. The title read: "Johnson's are..."Below, in my father's strong, masculine handwriting, were lists and lists of words. My eagerness to try out newly developing reading skills, combined with my innate curiosity prompted me to read further.

"Hmmm..." I remember thinking. "I think I was adopted. If all these things are what Johnson's are, I definitely am not related."

What I saw as perfectionism, was actually my Daddy's early goals for character traits he wanted our family to be about. And being the thorough man he is, I am pretty sure just about every quality was on that list. One sentence burned into my mind, however. Johnson's are flexible. I could do the splits all three ways, but I knew Daddy wasn't talking about that. He meant being able to adjust, to adapt, to welcome change. Of course, I liked change--when I was in control. But when plans I had set my heart on got canceled? When God reminds me that his ways are not my ways? When  life throws a curve ball I wasn't expecting? Those are the times, when being flexible matters.

Recently, we have had an awesome opportunity to remind ourselves "Johnson's are flexible" and God's Will is always--without exception--best. Turns out, we will not be buying a motorhome, not traveling across the country this summer, and not leaving our home for six weeks. Instead we will be going on a family adventure (as of yet unknown)! So exciting!

I am totally thrilled to see what our family vacation is going to turn into. It's not what we've been planning all spring, but if I get to spend time with my family I am a happy girl. Besides, "Plan B's" tend to be exceptionally fun for the Johnsons (I think we do them more than plan A's).

Excited about the future!