Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Going up in a plane...and jumping out the window!

Wow! What an experience. After an awesome weekend at my Grandpa Burnell's camp, Camp Dwight, a bunch of us drove to Mulalla, Oregon. There, I fulfilled a "as-long-as-I-can-remember" dream of mine and went skydiving with my Daddy--and a bunch of great friends.

Skydive Oregon was a super professional place and I felt so safe the whole time (okay, so aside from when I was diving toward earth at 200 miles an hour...but I got over that in a few seconds). I know I can always trust Jesus with my life, but being buckled snuggly to my burly, experienced, instructor satisfied the doubting Thomas in me. I guess it was comforting too, knowing that if I was going to plummet head long into this planet I was not alone. =)

I can hardly explain how it felt--I guess you will just have to experience the ride yourself--it was so unlike anything I have ever done. Basically, my brain couldn't catch up to what my body was doing. It's probably a good thing though. I mean, if it registered that I was willing subjecting myself to being thrown out of a plane's giant window self-preservation might have kicked in. As it was, I just did what I was told and reminded myself that either I was going home, or going home. At both places I had family, and a Daddy who loves place is just quite a bit more permanent.

Thanks everybody who made this day the "exclamation mark" at the end of a wonderful weekend! I feel so blessed to have shared this experience with each of you!

You are awesome, Daddy! Thanks for pushing me when I've needed it

..and allowing me to push myself! =)
Getting ready to leave the ground--I felt so secure in my retro, rugby-looking helmet.

The first group back on the ground...PUMPED!

Thank you, Jesus, for allowing us to feel your laws of gravity in a safe, exhilarating way! It is such a comfort knowing that you are with me wherever I go. So blessed, that you are the ride of my life! No thrill compares to following you!