Sunday, August 11, 2013

Snapshots of the Simple Things

What can I write about? As I look back over the majority of this summer, I see a bunch of good times, fun memories, and a crazy schedule. Recently however, there have been no big trips, startling realizations, or dramatic adventures to blog about. Yet life has been so full--so meaningful. Each simple day holds so much joy.

Delight in the everyday stuff!

I have discovered that if I am not joyful today, there is nothing in tomorrow that will bring me joy. I can't think "I will be happy if I get, or if I do, or if I become..."and be joyful right now. Happiness is a choice, and I can be cheerful exactly where I am, every minute of the day! Praise God!

In an attempt to capture a bit of our spring & summer, I posted some "everyday" pictures. However simple they may be, these photos speak volumes to God's faithfulness.

His blessings are all around us in the everyday moments...sometimes we just have to stop and soak them up.

My poor photo subjects were suffering from the cold in early spring...I caught them huddling for warmth when they thought I was busy shooting Kloe's pics. Kimmy is such a sweet big sister! There's a lot I can learn from her.

Looking out the window early in the morning I saw Bay learning from some awesome mentors (and probably enjoying some "man time"). Sure, there are only three brothers in our family, but they are man enough for all eight of us girls!

Daddy, giving Uncle Wade and Aunt Joscelyn a "blossom blessing." =) Spontaneous and random is the way we roll.

Kare-bear takes "follow-the-leader" to a whole new level. Glancing outside I saw her turning yard work into an awesome game!

Best buds playing house. Way too cute for words.

Smiling because it's over...we can be friends again. ; )

Capturing my beautiful Mother and slightly perplexed-looking sister at a friends home.

I can't tell you how many times someone says... "can you imagine if we didn't have Kordi?" Groans follow. What would life be without this chubby ball of cheerfulness?
This used to be Kyla, Kelsey and I! Our whole family is constantly entertained with these three girl's shows.

Getting ready to serve late night snacks at The Achademy. I love these girls! We have way too much fun together (if that is possible).

Achademy Squad #9

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Kyla rocked this ride and she was willing to document Dog River Trail. 

Watch out! Modern-day Robin Hood is teaching my Mama to shoot!
Bentley puts so much energy into everything he does.

So, I'll admit I look a bit too excited about my avocado facial. Then again, we are delighting in the little things right? 

All in all it has been a splendid spring/summer! Jesus gives so much joy in the simple pleasures of life. Over the past couple months I have found that the greatest riches are often hidden in the smallest things. I am so blessed to have so much to smile about!

With much joy,

                         Kathryn Joy