Friday, August 30, 2013

Go, Fight, Win!

Volleyball season has hit with all the force of *Taylor cramming a ball onto my **platform. In other words, Kyla, Kelsey and I are busy practicing, playing, and riding the bus. When I say "riding a bus" I don't mean sitting thirty minutes in traffic for a game ten miles away. I mean spending 2-5 hours on our small, yellow beast driving to far off corners of the earth that I didn't know existed. Truth is, sometimes they barely do. = ) This is cool however, because we have lots of time to speak with our teammates about things that really matter.

Daddy has always stressed the importance of doing things as a family. We thought volleyball might be an exception but...

While we play, Daddy is busy buying uniforms, supporting the school, coaching us, and wearing out his voice being "head cheer leader." With contagious enthusiasm, Daddy wields his massive orange traffic cone (which actually got confiscated at one point because it was distracting the officials) and leads all Dufur fans in loud, thundering cheers. I love hearing the crowd's united voice, knowing Daddy is once again banding together and inspiring the masses.

Mother delights in hosting team dinners and giving us creative and time consuming "team" ideas. She's always ready to run to the store for craft supplies and is a massive fan of "team bonding" and team spirit. Pretty much every new piece of clothing Mother brings home for the little kids is red, black, or white (including hats, jackets, and toys).

"We can wear them at your games," she beams.

One example of Mother's team spirit ideas: A short ditty we wrote last minute for a team dinner  along with some elementary yet cheerful banging we called "accompaniment." The "Ooohs" were when the whole team sang along. 

Last but not least, all the younger kids are cheerfully riding our own "Ranger Fan Van," proudly sporting excessive amounts of window paint, to attend games in their spirit outfits. They make up a strong force of the Lady Ranger's biggest, yet smallest, fans.

It's no wonder we our are all worn out by the end of the season. It's a family affair.
Varsity. Ghetto locker room in the basement. Pumped for our first game of the Season!

Thanks for all the support you guys! 

*Taylor (#1 and a powerful outside hitter on our team) 
** Platform (when you put your arms together to pass it's called a "platform")